You guys are our bread and butter and we love to perform for you and your customers. We will always do our best to entertain each and every one of you no matter what age group and musical taste. We strive to have something for every one. That said we do tend to steer clear of your typical cover band classics. That means you will not hear us playing the likes of Mustang Sally or Brown Eyed Girl etc. Nothing against them but you can hear most Rock cover bands playing that stuff. We try to bring something a little different in the hope that people will want to stay and have a great time in your pub.

If you want loud we can do that, if you want it a bit mellow we can do that too. We can even do acoustic sets if thats what you want? Plugged in or totally unplugged. A Saturday night drunken stupor or a lazy Sunday afternoon. We have it covererd.


Most of the time when were on the pub circuit The Transitions perform as a duo. Karlos provides lead vocals, plays bass and a kick drum while Fatts provides some complimentary vocal harmonies, strums his guitar, plays harmonica and tambourine with his foot. Hence no drummer and definitely no drum machine or backing of any kind.

This all helps to make us memorable and fun. We also like to cover songs in our own unique way to keep our sound fresh whilst still being able to sing a long with us.


Please call us or use our contact form to get a price for your pub.


Prices vary depending on location and playing times but we are competitive.


We will also help out by putting our gig with you on our website, Lemonrock, Facebook pages and Twitter. Also let us know if you would like to be included on our Links page.

Really hope to see you soon!