The illustrious musical career of Fatts Jango begins, aged 9, with the clarinet and the soulless drone of various school bands. Although very dreary, it was an important first step!

In an attempt to ape such greats as Jean-Michelle Jarre the next phase came in the form of a bleeping casio keyboard (everyone should learn to play Axel F at some point!!) 

Inspired by bands such as Pixies, The Clash and possibly even Marillion, Fatts taught himself the drums and finally the guitar. After mixing this with primitive 4-track recordings it was time to take it on the road!

After numerous bands and highlights including slots at Glastonbury and the Larmer Tree and support gigs with the Damned, Billy Bragg and (whisper it!) Billie Piper and Ronan Keating, Fatts had the opportunity to join forces once again with Karlos to bring the joy of The Transitions to those lucky enough to witness it!